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Start to Golf

In recent years, our club has been voted the best 9-hole course in Belgium several times and we are of c ourse very proud of that. At BOG&CC, we have therefore tried from the outset to make our beloved sport accessible to everyone; both experienced and novice players can amply enjoy their sporting (and social) needs here. Golf is not exactly the easiest sport to learn and there are numerous rules to respect. Don't let this put you off though: once you've got the golf kick, we guarantee you won't be able to imagine life without it.

We have our own Rabbits department that organizes great competitions on our Junior Course. There are also interesting information sessions that will familiarize you with our club and prepare you for the real work on our Main Course.

Since our employees and our volunteers are all obsessed with golf, we want to share this passion with as many people as possible. Do not hesitate to contact one of these people if you would like more information about our club, golf or our unique formula for learning golf on our Junior Course. Thank you in advance for your trust in BOGCC and we hope to see you soon on our courses with a broad smile!

How do I become a golfer?

  • Step 1: Welcome to BOG&CC
  • Step 2: Golf is a very technical sport and we would advise you to hire a professional golf teacher right at the start so that you begin your new sporting adventure with the right technique. This can be done individually or in group lessons.
  • Step 3: Theory: Rules are an integral part of golf. You can pick up a free rule booklet at our reception.
  • Step 4: Rabbits on the Junior Course: every two weeks we organize a competition on the Junior Course for starting players.
  • Step 5: Info session: our volunteers will take you on the Main Course and give you many local and less local tips.
  • Step 6: Practice on the Main Course: Once you have completed all the previous steps, you may enter the Main Course to practice for your Route 36 exam.
  • Step 7: Exam Route 36: If you get 4 points (or more) on the first three holes of our Main Course (scoring on at least two holes): Congratulations: You are now an official golfer.

For (much) more info: download our brochure.